2008 - 2011



sessile is a colony of kinetic but non-motile pods that respond to changes in ambient light levels by opening and closing their limbs. Although individuals share a common form each reacts to environmental change in subtly different and often surprising ways. These differences arise from a myriad of factors including small variations in construction, surface imperfections, their orientation to ground and most importantly their internal emotional state. The later arising as each individual in the sessile colony has as continuously changing internal level of anxiety that is directly influenced by recent environmental events.

In a gallery context, a viewer’s shadow becomes a part of the colony’s environment and a medium of interaction. Through one’s shadow, viewers cause oscillations in individual stress levels. Recent histories can lead to calmed, aggressive or defensive behaviours or even temporary dormancy.

"It is one of Maker Faire's perfect examples of the merging of science, art, man and message"

-- NBC, Bay Area (San Francisco)



Full documentation of sessile with images from theLivingEffect (Ottawa Art Gallery 2011).

Documentation from the first installation of sessile illustrating pod response to user shadows.


opening night

ArtSpace opening, 2008

horizontal view of wall

sessile pod, 2008

opening night opening night opening night

sessile exploration, 2008


relationships through shadow, sessile @ Maker Faire