stone’s throw begins with the image of overlapping rings that arise from the childhood act of skipping of stones on the surface of a pond.  Skipping stones transforms water into a medium, memory and fabric that supports, reflects and displays the consequence of play.

stone’s throw is pond and stone.  stone’s throw seeks to understand how a locally scaled network may be used to subtly shape the ambient experience of public spaces.  It seeks to similarly transform public spaces through strategic engagement with people and place.  It seeks to generate experiential ripples.  Users of stone’s throw therefore do not “access the system” or the data flowing through it; they inhabit it.

stone’s throw strives to define and support a notion of connectivity and networking on a scale that reflects the space in which it is deployed.  As a network that privileges the environmental context and social nature of place, stone’s throw will transform the sites in which it is located. It explores site specificity of information-enriched environments and enables the creation of works that integrate the scale of the network with the qualitative nature of information.  As a behavioural extension of the built urban environment it will be simultaneously event-driven and event-generating.  It will become a unique strand in the web and ecology of the digital city.