Getting Started

Download the Library

The first version of the stonesThrow library is available for download!

Version A001 (zip archive) Released: July 12, 2009

This library is being actively developed and the included functions are in the early proof of concept stages. There is a lot of room for optimization and improvement. Suggestions are welcome.

Installing the Library

  • Download and unpack the archive
  • Place the StonesThrow folder inside the Arduino IDE Libraries folder. The path should resemble: Arduino-XXXX/hardware/libraries
  • Restart the Arduino IDE if it is open.
  • StonesThrow should now appear in the Sketch\Import Library menu

Include the Library

There are two ways to include the library in a sketch:

  • At the top of your sketch, type

    #include <StonesThrow.h>

  • using the menus, select: Sketch\Import Library\StonesThrow

Use the Library

Full function details and examples are available on the Reference page .