stone's throw begins with the image of overlapping rings that arise from the childhood act of skipping of stones on the surface of a pond. Skipping stones transforms water into a medium, memory and fabric that supports, reflects and displays the consequence of play.

This is a hybrid project focussed on developing a simple supporting infrastructure for the rapid prototyping and development of off-the-grid locally-networked objects. The resulting community of networked objects is collectively know as a pond. Individual nodes can pass into and out of these ponds sharing and leaving data -- much like a skipping stone.

The system integrates custom open-source hardware and a corresponding software library. The driving premise behind this work is that small social objects do not need a lot of hardware to send simple messages. stone's throw strives to create a functional network with minimal upfront and longterm investment. Gateway layers and WAN hooks can be added to harness the emerging infrastructure of the internet of things.

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pond node.